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Near Camping Yelloh! Village Algarve – Turiscampo

The Algarve will capture you with the richness of its natural and historical heritage. Step into the time of the explorers by visiting the fortress of Sagres and the port of Lagos, the starting point for the expeditions of the great Portuguese navigators. Admire the unique view of the region from the top of the Serra de Monchique … And, above all, take time to stroll through the streets of Portuguese cities…

Some of the most beautiful and welcoming beaches in the world are in the Algarve.

Along the coast of the Algarve are coves, cliffs, caves, rocky beaches and sand beaches of different types and sizes, all with very clean water. The sun shines about 3000 hours per year. There are beaches with a lively and familiar atmosphere where you can perform various activities (sport, water sports …), but there are also quieter almost deserted beaches where you can enjoy kilometers of sand. There are also beaches for those who prefer nudism.

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